Wednesday, March 3, 2010

messy crafter = easy frustration

so I am the first to admit that I am not the most organized person.
I try I really do but maybe it's not in my blood! lol!!

my husband, would be between the two of us, the organized one and he calls me the piler since I make piles around the house and the problem is I don't even realize it.

Now since sewing and crafting is my way of releasing stress and enjoying alone time, it is a big part of my world but have you ever met a crafter who is not a Neat Freak?? um....that would be me.....I sometimes have the studio envy flickr group from etsy on slide show mode while I work so I can brainwash myself bits of neatness into my brain. I so envy those neat studios (although my studio is a borrowed section of my kids' playroom, sorry kids)
small steps I tell myself, small steps :)

so let me show you a before and after of an improvement. I made the mistake of allowing my kids to post their artwork wherever they wanted on my studio wall and after it got out of hand, I showed them a new idea. and even kids liked neat order!

happy neat crafting everyone!