Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3 year old's nail biting fix?

before I tell you the frustration of trying to nip this bad habit in the bud,

I should also tell you that I lost my mom to cancer 2 months before my daughter was born and the first thing I noticed about her when she was born were her hands because she took them straight from my mom.

My mom had the most pretty feminine hands. you know the ones where the nails just curve beautifully naturally and without any polishing just looked so pretty.

okay so when she started biting them and it became a regular awful habit, it just broke my heart. well after weeks and weeks of nagging and yelling, I had the idea of prettying them up in hopes that she would stop.

and so far it's working...yay! crossing my fingers...
we went and bought more color to keep up with the excitement so think I'll have to work on keeping the excitement going but I'm hoping that after a week or so the habit will have been gone by then.

I didn't think my tomboy had this girly side to her but it's was fun to see her girly side :)