Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Framed print and gift for Grandma

So here's the frame all done and framed with the print for the hubby, a golf lover. :) I found the print on etsy where this type of poster is all over the site.

But of course, nothing beats handmade birthday cards from the little ones. Just priceless.
then, here are some pouches I made for my mother in law who shares her birthday with her son, my hubby. He always says, the "best birthday present she every got"! These were a personalized touch that went along with a nice store bought cardigan, since my sewing doesn't extend to adult clothing but I will get there as my skills advance! :)
you can find tutorials for these types of boxy pouches all over the net like this one by three bears but I first wanted to make them because of the ones I saw on this site by very purple person. Just love her sewing creations, one of my favorite sites for inspiration.
Stay tuned for new suited lovie dolls I'll be adding to my shop in February when I reopen.
Thanks for looking!


Mee a Bee said...

Those are so cute! well done!!! zips are not my thing, cringe, can't do them.

yesterday was my husband's birthday :) he shares his with our sister-in-law.

Thanks for popping into my blog!

Jacqui in Japan

Mee a Bee said...

PS happy birthday to your fella!

loviesformybabies said...

Thanks jacqui! been a fan of your bags for a while now!! :)