Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Birthday gift for the hubby

so I saw this DIY freehand embroidery video sometime ago with a while ago and have been wanting to try it ever since.
I put my shop on vacation needing some time to catch up on gifts to be made and decided to use this awesome technique for a gift for my husband's birthday.

I did a search online for German cars which he is a fan of and found this really cool retro image of a vintage Mercedes and decided to use that. Below are pics through the process:

It was my first try and I think it came out okay but next time, I'll have to make the image bigger to match the size of the shirt. I guess I've been so used to toddler sizes, I just didn't even realize how much bigger men's sizes were.
my second b-day project is a print in a frame. I like to collect frames from secondhand stores and usually spray paint them black. older frames do have more beauty in them so it is very worth it to collect them. you can really get out of hand if you don't constrain yourself though. Fortunately, a can of spray paint can really make all the hoarding worthwhile. :)
so here's my pic of my garage/studio where paint is still wet:
I'm a big fan of merging the old with the new and this another example of that. an old (previously golden) frame with old world charming carvings painted with a sleek contemporary black is really attractive in my opinion. It doesn't look so hot on top of dirty concrete and cardboard but once it dries, I'll update with an image of the print inside. :)
Happy crafting :)