Saturday, January 9, 2010

baby shower gift

Wow! has it been over a month? times flies.
my lil etsy shop kept me so busy I was happily but unexpectedly busy sewing away lovies. It was a great first year at etsy and now I know what to expect next Christmas :).

in the meantime, my family and friends have not seen anything from me and I finally put the shop on vacation and made a lil blankie for a baby boy to come in early February.

my idea of a perfect shower gift = something personal like this blankie + a gift certificate (who doesn't want money to spend right?) so that is my way to go. :)

in shop news, I am a person that easily bores and all this lovies sewing has been wonderfully fun but I would love to make new things some cute ideas I have in mind:

an owl suited lovie (this one's gonna be adorable)
a quilted mini blankie security blanket lovie (like shown)
a mini (even smaller) sized alien/robot/ninja lovie
a mobile of my own :)
Crayon aprons(for the girls)/Belts (for the boys)

hope to get these out sooner than later but you know how that goes. plus I have some new nieces/nephews waiting for sewn gifts from their aunt and I can't let them down :)

Happy new Year!