Tuesday, October 27, 2009

sewing for my kids

I finally got around to turning the faux jeans I previously blogged about into these croppedish pants with a little mushroom sewn on. It was the 5T (my daughter fits a 3T) and I cut in the waist about an inch, cut off about 6 inches off the bottom, scrunched the bottom of the cut end like if I were to make a ruffle with a single thread sewn through, then finally finished it off by sewing on biased tape made from scraps of Japanese fabric. One leg came out wider than the other but guess I should've expected that for the first try.

Then, I've been wanting to try the knee pad I saw on Dana's blog Made so I finally made a go at it with these really soft and comfy but plain sweats for my son. I didn't use Dana's tutorial, just did what I thought made sense. using again scraps from Japanese fabric, sewing right sides together, flipping out then sewing on zig zag on the knee area. Think I have to sew some lines through the patch though. It just doesn't look finished enough. I also had to make the sweats low riders, my son hates putting his pants above his belly button but being so tall and skinny, I have to buy one size bigger. so I usually end up doing this:

turning the waist down, sewing (where I plan to cut) off about 2 inches and then cutting off the excess fabric. It's not the cleanest method but it does it's job. :)

My son is always happy to pose for pics since his mom usually sews projects for his sister. I try but sewing for girls is so much more precious and fun. What can I say?? :)back to sewing lovies. my little break is over. :)