Wednesday, September 16, 2009

an awesome find from Walmart of all places!

I L-O-V-E jeans.
I can pair any kind of top with jeans and I love it. Whenever I get a really over embellished top or too cutesy top for my daughter, nothing looks better with it than a pair of cute jeans.
BUT I am big on comfort for my kids as well and jeans are really not very comfortable on kids. so when I found these soft knit faux jeans for girls at Walmart, I was thrilled. They were only $4 even, just icing on the cake.
They're just like knit elastic pants with all the cuteness of jeans. I had some faux jeans like these when my kids were infants and had always hoped to find some for them as toddlers. Never did I think I'd find them at Walmart. but How cute are these right? I love how these folded bottoms give that 50's look. I wish I took a pic of her with her sneakers and 50's adorable!
I bought like 6 pairs from size 3T - 5T. the 3T is like skinny jeans on her but hella comfortable and I plan on turning the bigger ones into knicker, clam diggers or capris.
Something like this
this or this

these are images from , one of my favorite places to browse.

also, I found this site called skip to my lou, gifts you can sew where there are lots and lots of sewing tutorials (am I one of the last people to find this site?) and this

image of leather baby shoes is just crying out for me to make it. How adorable are these?? from While they sleep's blog. so cute!
I've been so consumed in my lovies shop lately but I plan on getting back to making things for my lil ones so hopefully soon. :)
Happy sewing everyone!