Monday, August 17, 2009

craft hope project #4

wow! I can't believe I made one!

when I read that the latest Craft hope project was Sock Monkeys, I initially decided to skip this one because I had never made one before and for some reason, even though I like trying new things, I didn't feel confident enough to take go.

Then I don't know why, but for some reason today, I felt like I needed to shop for socks and then I thought of the project and I couldn't let myself stay away from such a wonderful opportunity to be part of something so beautiful. I mean can you imagine all of those kids' faces light up when they see all of those monkeys? just awesome!
First, I decided to just use white winter socks since I couldn't find one like the classic sock monkeys that fit within my budget and also because I had a pack of these white ones in my drawer unopened. Then, when I finished the doll, it looked so naked! so funny but I was embarrassed for the poor guy so I put together a simple jumper from a flannel that had some fire trucks on them and it ended up being perfect since the back straps of the jumper fit perfectly around it's tail. Think I need to add a pocket on the front though.
and since this ended up a boy, I'll have to do another one as a girl. Come back to see the girl version!
I used for directions but instead of using the toe part of the sock for legs, I flipped it around and used it for the head so I could use the toe part as it's hat. I also used the toe part for the arms so I could match the colors of the back of the arms to the monkey's back. I guess my sock's design kind of directed where I would cut what. Hope that made sense :) Happy Sock monkey making!


BabyLuxDesign said...

Looks great! this is your first?