Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tiny dolls for tiny furniture

I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market for the first time this month, a once a month event, that I've been wanting to go to since forever and I've been living in California for nearly 30 years now and it was so much fun despite the terrible heat.
My poor daughter was dragged along booth after booth, sweating in her stroller but luckily she's becoming a shopper like me and didn't mind so much.
among other finds, was a really old set of plastic doll house furniture that seemed the perfect size for my daughter's doll house so I bargained with the lovely lady and snatched it at a great price. But when we got home, we realized that we didn't have any dolls to fit these tiny things.
so I remembered this cute fabric I got on sale from Superbuzzywith cute little girls on them and just whipped up some tiny stuffed wannabe dolls (sewing the girl images wrong side up against some fleece leaving space for stuffing, flipping over, stuffing with polyester and sewing up the hole) for them to play with.
My 4 year old son soon saw what was happening and joined in. it took less then 20 min to make and they played my favorite child's play, creative role playing, for over an hour! I love my sewing machine!

There were so many things I wanted at the flea market that I still have in my head. Among other things, a really old Irmi lamp of a mom and baby in crib that needed refurbishing but I thought I didn't need it and now it's haunting me. :) Now I have to go to next month's market to track it down. :)