Friday, August 21, 2009

craft hope project #4 part II

Meet miss sock monkey, the girly counterpart to my mr sock monkey :) I don't know how or why I ended up putting a pink striped fitted dress like this on her...I was watching reruns of Project Runway so hmmm maybe I was influenced?? Either way, I'm glad she's finished so I can ship them out where they await their new owner friends.

I ended up embroidering her eyes because of the sock monkey eye discussion about safety which of course is important...I just didn't realized that there were going to be such young kids participating.
I'm glad I decided to join this project. Not only can I now say I made a sock monkey once, but it feels nice knowing I had participated in such a sweet event.
Thanks craft hope and happy sock monkey making!


BabyLuxDesign said...

omg you made his mate, she's ADORABLE...great work! :)

Reynolds11103 said...

These are SO adorable! I am new to sewing & LOVING it!! How did you make their DARLING outfits? I think those just MAKE them!!! SOO cute!! Would love to hear more!!!
And I LOVE the cute jumper you made, hoping you do a tutorial for that!!! I will definately make one!!!! Thanks SO much for sharing!!

Reynolds11103 said...

Thanks so much for your note!! I just posted a link to your blog & the tutorial for these on mine! Hope that is ok! yours turned out SOOOO much better! I am excited to try more!!! Thanks so much for your darling blog & inspiration!!!

Breezy Babies said...

I think yours are the cutest I've seen!

loviesformybabies said...

wow! thanks so much for your sweet comments! I am so flattered to get compliments esp from such talented crafters! :)