Thursday, August 27, 2009

lots of refashioning for my lil girl

I am improving my sewing skills but I wish I could make edges more clean and crisp. guess that takes time and more experience. well, there were several things that I was nervous to try and one of them was adding sleeves. I don't know why I was put back by it but I just kept wanting to avoid it. well, even though today was over 100 degrees here in Southern CA, I wanted to get ready for fall, my favorite season so I finally sewed my daughter a dress with sleeves.
My Mother in law gave me this linen shirt for a re-do so I made a dress out of it. I'm a big fan of linen so I was happy to take it in.
I don't know if you can tell, but this dress had faux sleeves, not a separate piece sewn on. :P

Here's another linen that my mother in law gave me. I'm not a fan of the patterns/designs she chooses but the quality of the fabric is fabulous so I can't resist. Here are the sleeves I finally did. Think it turned out cute like cap sleeves I had envisioned.
This was my favorite refashion. It was originally a women's night shirt/lingerie shirt. The quality of the fabric is awesome, a sheer light fabric perfect for summer and the collarless top is one of my favorite looks for girls and boys. I think I'll have to check more women's sleepwear for refashioning in the future.
This was a cute women's summer top. I only had to bring in the sides a little and shorten the straps. I criss-crossed them as well because one of my pet peeves is when the straps keep falling down so I either do criss-crossing or halter style for all her summer tops.
pls ignore wrinkles :)

I would still love to tackle the button presser foot and the elastic thread! One step at a time right? :)