Wednesday, July 15, 2009

miscellaneous sewing,refashioning and lots of it

It seemed as though I'd been MIA on the sewing front but actually I've been having a jolly ole time sewing just really simple things for my kids and maybe some skirts for Addy's shop.
I finally made something for my son and he was so happy to model them for me. First I refashioned an old pair of cut offs of mine into some comfortable lounge jeans for him. then I made some pj bottoms from some fabric of rockets and stuff that he liked.

I refashioned a jacadi dress that was out of fashion into some flare legged jumpers. just cut off the sleeves and turned the dress into pants.
Here's another jacadi dress turned shorts. these are so cute on my daughter with a simple white tank. love it for summer!
three more skirts. the giraffe one has a slit like thing going on on the sides for more freedom in movement...very important for toddlers on the run!
then this dress was re-done. if you follow this blog, you'd remember it was this one from a previous post. it was just wrong when I put it on Addy so I re-haltered it. think she likes it better this way.
I've been so lazy about adding items to the shops. don't' know why. but if any of you would like to take any of these home, don't hesitate to leave me a comment or email me.
Hope everyone is enjoying the sun lately, it's been hitting the 90's here so I'm done with summer already! I'd love some winter so I can get back doing layers, my favorite way of dressing.