Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New halter dresses

These are some halter dresses that I finished. I obviously love halters. I think they just are so cute on lil girls. I love them on my daughter.

This melon colored one I finish off with a really cute Asian screen print. I'm not sure if I like the different fabric together. I imagined the finished product to be more flowy but I lined the lightweight cotton with a muslin which made it heavier and the melon jersey cotton being so stretchy didn't flow as I hoped. guess it's something new learned for a new sewer. All in all, it's pretty cute.

This purple halter is originally a woman's top. I love this dotted summer fabric. I played around with what I wanted and added the two fabric covered buttons for something extra. It was just too plain without them.

This was a originally a women's ribbed tank that I changed to a halter and then embellished. I actually got my daughter to model it for me. This is what her idea of poses are. She is so entertaining. I just adore that girl. I realized after that her satin bloomers underneath were making the cotton look bumpy but oh well, I wasn't about to try and have her model more...one session was enough energy used for me.
This tank dress was a hollister brand that I thrifted. I love striped tanks. When I was working on the bib though, I wasn't in that sewing mode I'm usually in but I pushed myself to sew anyhow since I actually had the time (do you know what I mean?) and it turned out slightly crooked and took a lot longer than I ever imagined. Amazing how powerful your mind is huh? I think I need to add some buttons though and since it came out slightly crooked, can't put it on addy's closet shop....it'll just be another one of Addy's to keep. :)
again, those satin bloomers are making this tank dress look crumbly (is that even a word?).