Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a lil recycled bunny and a new halter dress for the shop

I found this bunny stuffed doll at my local thrift store. It didn't have a face (I took this pic after embroidering her face...wish I had taken what it originally looked like) and wore a faded blue and cream plaided shirt and pants - very not so cute country. The hands were also glued together probably to hold something that was no longer there. Anyhow, I knew I wanted to take it home and cute it up. so here's what she looks like now.

I'm calling her Cal because that striped beanie reminds me of my days at UC Berkeley which is AKA Cal. I've been having fun embroidering faces on my dolls lately so I took a stab at embroidering her beanie hat. Guess it's not so bad for my first embroidery of something other than a face.
And here's a pic of a cotton halter dress I also finished. It's bib is of cream laces and cute lady bug fabric covered buttons I got at this etsy store. Another lady bug button is at the the neck closure. I'd like to post to Addy's Closet Shop but I realized that only my daughter will do as my model. Funny but when I used the stuffed bear as my model, the clothes were viewed less and when modeled on my daughter, they were view a lot more. so posting will have to wait til the crazy girl will allow me to put it on her. :)
Hope everyone's having a great week so far.