Tuesday, March 30, 2010

freezer paper stenciling

yes, I am now officially addicted. Didn't take long...just the first one. It's just such a great instant gratification project. Here's a couple I did for my kids.For my daughter's ballerina shirt, I sewed on sequins on the tutu area since she is very much into "shiny" clothing at the moment. and yes, I sewed each sequin on one by one. It didn't take too long though and it is actually therapeutic for me. She absolutely loves it.
I got the stencils free from this site. You can print straight on to the freezer paper from the site.
I've got lots more in mind to make. I'd love to do the more complicated ones but it takes so much patience and I'm very lacking in that area. :P
there are tons of freezer paper stenciling tutorials out there like this one or this one.
Hope you have fun freezer paper stenciling!