Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wearable blanket and coloring shirt

My daughter is oh should I say "colorful and very active". She is one of those awesomely entertaining girls who cannot focus more than maybe 10 seconds before she moves on to the next thing that catches her attention. I just love her to bits. okay with this said, her personality doesn't allow her to stay still while asleep either. So, ever since she was an infant, I have been putting her to bed with a wearable blanket. Now I know this is quite common among babies but once the toddler reaches a certain height, not many are available for sale and usually only found in fleece. Anyway, why should I spend so much buying one when I can make one. So here is my lil girl's new blanket made from an old quilted women's robe. All I did was:
1. cut off the sleeves
2. sew down the collar
3. sew on a zipper (this one was 22")
4. sew closed the bottom, leaving two holes for her two feet
5. and add a loop and button on the front
after test run #1, I found her in bed the next morning with the wearable blanket off, pj's off and her with nothing on but a diaper. Not good esp. in this weather.
so my next move is to place another button higher up so she won't be able to open it. and I also realized that I should have placed the zipper upside down so she couldn't find it. Phew, using my mommy noodles is quite a task! :)

Then, here is a fun shirt I found at a local discount dept store (can't remember if Ross or Marshall's). it's by Ben Sherman (who knew?). An awesome screen print of a double decker bus (a favorite of my 4 1/2 year old son's) color by number shirt that comes with three permanent markers. My son is the opposite of my daughter, he is a perfectionist and since before he walked, he was able to focus and put together puzzles with ease. coloring within the lines came quite naturally to him so I knew he'd really enjoy this.

He was so proud of his coloring and once I wash it, I'm sure he'll be proud to wear it too. Not bad for a 4 year old huh? :)Can't help be a proud mommy.