Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Wholesale Order

I am a full time mom so I consider my etsy shop my side hobby which to my amazement turned into a semi real custom doll shop. so when I was asked if I did wholesale orders, I was really intimidated and never ventured into it. But recently, I somehow got the guts to agree to do one on account of the dolls being either a bear, puppy or gumdrop suited lovie since they were my simplest pattern to make.
So here are some pics of my first order of which all are bears and I was lucky enough to be given free reign with lots of color combos. So I had to take pics of all the colors. Here's what my corner workshop looked like for a while as a one woman bear making factory. :)

Hope they do well in her boutique!
Thanks for stopping by!


Jan said...

Wow! Congratulations! How exciting! You definitely have a very unique and super cute product that any child would fall in love with. I hope you had a great experience and consider doing wholesale again. Congratulations!

loviesformybabies said...

Thank you Jan! you are so sweet!