Sunday, August 8, 2010

bubble skirt and some buttons

I too often find myself buying simple shirts or tanks off the sale rack because 1. they are so inexpensive and 2. I always think I can make it into something cuter. more often then not, they end up on my pile of clothes to refashion pile and next thing you know my kids have outgrown the size. well, the other day I finally decided to add some buttons to these shirts since it's easy and fast to remove some pieces from that pile. I made some fabric buttons, think these are size 20 which I made with a fabric button kit I bought off etsy a long long time ago and some Japanese fabric with adorable animals on them. Gotta love the drawings on Japanese fabric, they are just to cute.

Then I made a bubble skirt using an orange/red knit cotton. the fabric is like a jersey knit, really soft. again, a purchase I made off the clearance section on sometimes, when I restock my minky fabric needs, I surf off to the clearance section and find such great deals but really I find this a bad habit more than a good buy. I'm sure there are others out there that go through the same thing. I searched through some tutorials online using "bubble skirt tutorial" as key words. and took ideas from here and there and came up with this:
then I added the fabric flower with the fabric button center after thinking it was just a bit plain. Addy seemed to like the little added details as well. :)