Sunday, May 2, 2010

woodlands theme - favorite children's theme

so Dawn had asked me about some accents fabric patterns for a lovie she'd like and said her daughter's nursery was in a woodlands type theme and I have to admit I turned into the geeky crafting, sewing person that I am because it has always been a favorite for me. There are just too many for me to be able to sent her so I am listing them here for everyone to see :) one of these days, I will sit down and collage all the fabric themes and colors I own for all lovies lovers to choose from... one of these days ... :)


Maria Palito said...

Hello! I added one of your cute products to my last etsy Treasure list. I published a picture and a link to your blog in my blog!!

I would love to have you visiting!!
This is the link to the post

Maria Palito