Thursday, February 4, 2010

I heart IRMI

I have been wanting an Irmi lamp for a long time now. I found one at the Rose Bowl Flea Market here in Los Angeles, CA once of a sweet mother and baby in a carriage in a really beat up condition and the guy was asking $15 which I'm sure I could have asked for less but for some reason I passed it up. I think I didn't want to deal with fixing it up and what not. Well, for the next couple of days, I was kicking myself because I couldn't stop thing of it. I'm usually not someone that values material things and I try not to get into collecting antiques because I think I could get out of hand but these sweet Irmi characters are really irresistible.

So check out what I found the other day at my local second hand store for 3.99!! what sweetheart!. a handle from the paint can is chipped off but I don't care. the music box still works and I was so excited to have found him!

My kids saw it and immediately said is that mine? and I said nope Mommy's! and put it on the highest shelf in my office :)