Friday, September 4, 2009

suited lovies, my new series

Here they are:
and of course a close up of the face
in time for Halloween, a bear and a puppy and a simple and gumdrop suited lovies. More minkie fabric for all that sweet softness from head to toe.
with this series, I'm basically allowing a custom item by asking you to choose:
1. minkie color which I've listed here
2. hair color which can by any that you wish
3. expression: either the smiling eyes or sleeping eyes
4. skin color: light or dark
I've listed a couple of ADD ONS as well,
first the option to change the suited lovie's minkie hands to stuffed cotton hands that moms like for teething and
second, the option to personalize by embroidering a name or initials
Since starting this shop, I've been learning non stop trying to make the shop better and continuously coming up with new ideas. If I had more time, I'd create them faster but of course being a mom is my first priority.
I've decided to close the kids clothing shop (since everything I make, I just want to put on my daughter anyway) and just concentrate on the lovies.
I'm excited to see some response to the suited lovies. I've been so thrilled with the response I've gotten for the Bibs and collars lovies, it energized me to create more! Thanks for all the love!! Etsians are such supportive peeps. love them :)
Happy suiting!