Tuesday, July 7, 2009

matching doll

Here's the doll I made to match the girly pink dress from my previous post. I was going back and forth as to how I wanted her curly hair to turn out. I tried yarn and other materials but at the end I went back to my original way of making a head of hair, except this time it has some waves to simulate curls. I guess my preference is always simple and clean over anything else. Here she is miss girly girl. These pics turned her hair almost black but it's actually like a dark chestnut brown. I also decided to do a toddler doll as opposed to my usual lovey doll with onsie since this set is for a 4 year old.

Think this set will be a new custom addition to my etsy shop. :)
I've got other sewing project pics all ready to be posted but lazy me...I keep choosing sleep over blogging these days...