Monday, May 11, 2009

Sewing, my gift from my mom....Happy Mother's Day

Mother's day is probably the second to the worst time during the year for me next to Thanksgiving day ever since my mom passed away on Thanksgiving day over two years ago. She battled cancer for almost two years and decided she didn't want to fight anymore. I really think a person's determination is what brings results which in my mom's case was to let life go. I guess on a positive note though, my mom was the most God-loving, God-fearing person I've ever known and therefore, there was no doubt in any one's mind that she was looking forward to her place in Heaven. It was the day she left us that for the first time, I could look forward to my time because then I could see her again.
well, for some reason, today, my in laws and other family members were constantly talking about my gift for sewing and making things...and I was reminded that it was my mom who somehow, through genes, through just being around her, passed this gift to me. My mom was a crafter's genius and loved to crochet, sew, create, she could sew with her eyes closed... and I am so thankful for her gift because this hobby is the one thing I have for myself, and only myself, not for my kids, my husband, my in laws, my dad, just for me that I do for me.
I've noticed my daughter, only two now, lollying around my sewing and smile, knowing that it will influence her in one way or the other.
so Thanks mom, and miss you...