Tuesday, April 21, 2009

never enough time to sew

As a mommy to two little ones, I usually do my sewing after they have gone to sleep. Well, my kids are night owls and so they don't go down til after 9 so when I get into a sewing project, I can easily stay up past 3am! and then I go on the web and just get lost in all the wonderful pretties out there...

These are on my current wish list for things I'd like to sew which I found on this adorable site:

look at this adorable headpiece on this gorgeous girl...I probably wouldn't put this on my girl but still so adorable to look at...oh and can you believe these shoes??? ugh! so dang cute!! I can't stand it.
See, already past 4am. There are so many adorable things out there for lil ones...I just can't get enough. :)
Good night and happy web surfing.


Alison said...

Lovely things!