Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My other sewing pleasure...and a dark skinned lovey

So my other joy when it comes to sewing is making clothes for my little girl.

I have a love for halter tops and frilly skirts. Just love laces and bows but also mod designer fabric...I guess it gives me pleasure to combine the two.

So here is my latest finished piece.

I saw this princess-like skirt on a little girl and thought I needed to make my own version of it. think it turned out like I imagined. the top layer fabric is actually a cloth napkin I got at Anthropologie, my absolute favorite store on earth. They have such cute...everything... and since I can't get myself to spending the money on all those beautiful items, I do little cheats like buying cloth napkins from there and turning it into my girl's skirt. genius right? :)

Here are some images of my girl as I quickly put it over her capris. love how it poofs out in the back, don't you?


as I read a comment about creating a darker skinned lovey, I was right on it. I don't know why I didn't think of it before (esp. since me and my kids all have an olive tone) but here is an image of her sans body. what do you think?
I also decided to embroider her face which I think I'll do from now on for all of my lovies (as requested by a dear friend) does look more quality so even if it takes more time, I guess I'll just have to raise cost a tiny bit and do what makes my lovies look better.

love to read comments so please do so...
and don't forget about the FREE GIVEAWAY. I think two weeks is a bit long for a giveaway online, next time it won't go for so long...two weeks online seems like 2 months! :)
Happy spring vacation week....


The Russell Family said...

LOVE the skirt sooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

ooh...ooh...I love the skirt!
I love your dolls as well, they are so adorable. Precious like our own babies.

queenoftheclick said...

The embroided eyes are pretty. I love your lovies because they are safe for babies.

Maybe you can sell additional outfits/smock/dress for the lovies?