Wednesday, April 15, 2009

monograms, hoodies....& a special custom order story

Here are some new looks my lovies are sporting :)

A personalized lovey with someone's monogram...I made this one with "open" eyes because the requester described the baby to have light brown hair and blue eyes. since I usually do "closed" eyes on all my lovies, I was hesitant but I couldn't deny those blue eyes...
still, I think I prefer the "closed eye" look for some reason...

I wanted to make my boys a little more playful looking so I thought a hoodie could do the trick.

Up and ready to be taken home at my shop.

So here's my story:
The monogrammed lovey shown above was for a special order made for a special baby who was diagnosed deaf and possibly blind. When I got this request through convo my heart just broke. I decided to start this doll making shop when each doll I made, made me smile and just happy knowing that a little one would be enjoying it. so when I got to be a part of making a little one who has it harder than most out there smile, I was so honored and for some reason more nervous than with any other doll. I just wanted so much for this doll to just brighten that little baby's day even for just a couple of minutes or even seconds.
The person requesting the order wanted a "feel" lovey where there would be different textures for the baby to experience and my brain toiled all night thinking of the perfect creation. I know it's just a doll but it meant so much to me to be able to help this baby and her loved ones smile. so of course after deciding on several different textured fabrics and styles, I kept making mistake after mistake and it took more than double the time it usually did for my other dolls. Crazy how your thoughts can make such a dent in your otherwise smooth world.
Well, I think I did my best and it seems the requester really liked the results.

Only two weeks after opening the shop, I got such a special order. Guess God's telling me to keep going :)